About me

Hmmm….. where to start? Well, I grew up a gearhead. Ever since I can remember I was fascinated with cars. I loved playing with my toy cars, racing them around the house. For the most part, I think my father was responsible for this fascination. When I was about 5, he would let me steer his 55’ Nomad. It was a great feeling that I was in control (or so I thought) of such a great machine. His daily driver at the time was a late 60’s Cougar with a 390 in it. He would take me for hell rides around the neighborhood. Tires squealing, smoke everywhere and his response? “Don’t tell your mother….” Awesome.

Fast forward a decade to when I got my driver’s license. My dad would lend me his small block powered Cutlass so I could go to the mall. Man, I beat the living hell out of that car. From smokeshows to donuts to jumping it, I honed my skills through suburban neighborhoods of nyc. He caught me many times abusing the car and each time giving me a scolding. Jeesh… I wonder who tought me how to do that kind of stuff? 1 motor, 2 transmissions and a few brake lines later he told me I had to get my own car.

After a few months and a few cars, most of them being v8 powered domestics, I got my first Civic. An 84’ base model with a 1.3 liter motor and a 4 speed. It was nothing special (pic 1, 2). I got it because my Malibu needed a motor, and I wanted something to drive in the mean while. Soon, that grew into wide wheels and tires and a massive stereo system. A friend of mine had 72’ Chevelle SS and used to make fun of my little civic. He shut right up when I was all over his bumper running around the curvy reservoir roads. That car was so nimble, and probably had a 50/50 weight distribution because of all the subwoofers I had in the back… Suffice to say, I was hooked. I spent the next decade with the 84’, and a slew of other Hondas. I had a short experience with GTI’s, but the build quality of the Hondas kept wooing me back.

All of this time I had motorcycles, but after a serious crash in 1999, I (meaning my girlfriend) decided motorcycles were no longer an option. So, after getting out of the hospital, I sold all my bikes and bought a 94’ Civic Si. I did the then new B series swap with other goodies. About that same time and my friend Jay got a new Trans Am, and we were goofing off again on the street.

Shortly after, I was at a local shop picking up some sort of go fast part and I saw a flyer for a local autocross. What? Racing in a parking lot and it is legal? We were all over it. That Sunday we did our first event. My first run was a decent run so I figured I had a handle on the course. I decided to increase my speed for my second run. I then proceded to miss a gate on one of the many crossovers and I was in a sea of cones, completely lost. Oops. By the end of the day I had a good handle on what I was doing and was inquiring on when the next event was. The best part? I beat Jay.

I was completely hooked. Year by year I molded the Si into an autocross terror, at the same time honing my driving skillset. I have had decent success in it, being the fastest front wheel drive car in Street Modified at SCCA Nationals every year I have attended.

So, that is my bio in a nutshell. I hope to race for many many years to come, and with any luck, I will continue to be fast.